Luma Launch




Helping establish Launch in 2015, Matt is a creative turned Venture Capitalist.

Matt spent the first 15 years of his career working as a Creative Director with an acute passion for design and strategy. He is recognized for his hybrid talent and a consistent ability to execute a client’s overall mission. Throughout his extensive career, Matt has contributed fresh and inspiring ideas to major influential brands like Apple, Nike, Google, Microsoft, Adidas and Samsung. In his current role, Matt brings his years of experience working with notable brands to provide strategy and growth to all of Luma Launch’s investments.


Laurent is an entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist who works with start-up founders to successfully build scalable teams, strong company cultures and disruptive products.

Laurent believes that there is a fundamental need for additional support in the early stage ecosystem in Los Angeles and other budding technology hubs around the US and globally. This desire to support these growing tech communities led him to his current role at Luma Launch. He has founded, expanded and managed multiple start-ups ranging from a music education technology platform, Miso Media, to the leader in the Massage-on-Demand space, Zeel. His experience working in the early stage start up scene has given him the tools necessary to understand the needs of founders in the infancies of their companies.

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